Gail Loves to create customized training

for education and parent groups.

We love to facilitate active, results- and action-oriented learning experiences embedded in local challenges and successes. Our workshops, courses and professional development is always curriculum-rich and engaging for participants. We provide extensive support for learning throughout our work, through materials, often including custom websites, interactive tutorials, small group interactions and more. We never hesitate to continue support after working with groups as sometimes the question NOT asked will be asked hours, days or months later... anytime is a good time for learning!

Some recent topics we have had as our focus with educators are:

Using Technologies to Enhance, Extend, and Enrich Read Alouds in the Early Learning Experience (remote, inclass, and blended).

Computational Thinking - A Basic Set of Tools for Learning and Growing (PreK - 2)

Using Robots in Early Learning - Why, What and How?

Building Writers and Readers using Technologies as inspiration, creation tools, andpublishing tools

Robots and Technology is NOT just for STEM... Building Literacy and Creativity with Young Learners

More than Pushing Buttons - Engaging Children in Conversations and Reflection about Learning with Tech - A Tool for Learning for Ages 3 - 73, and maybe beyond!

Computational Thinking, Coding, and Young Learners

Crash Course in Possibilities - Using Technology in Powerful, yet Simple Ways

Let us design something for you!