There are so many more colors in our world than those represented in boxes of crayons. This project is an easy one for even our youngest learners and their teachers to make meaningful contributions.

All you have to do is add pictures from your world which display the colors for others to look at, learn from and enjoy. There is a different Padlet for each color and they are all linked together or can be accessed and shared with learners separately (in case you have a focus on a specific color at a given time). Just add your picture(s) and, IF you wish, the location of the picture(s).

A few "rules":

Use only child-appropriate pictures.

Use images for which you have no copyright concerns - best are images you and your learners take.

The images need not be "professional quality", they need to share the color in your world.

Please do not submit pictures of children without appropriate image release.

If you see an image in the collection you think should not be there please notify Gail Lovely immediately! (

Some ideas:

food items, your location, plants, animals, neighborhoods, clothing items, things children have made, traditional items rich in specific color(s), weather phenomenon, even toys and products are good.

Embedded here is the live Padlet site with all the color-based Padlets. Tap or click on the color Padlet for your addition and then add your picture to that Padlet.

Here is a QR Code to the site... and here is the link: 

Looking for HOW to add a picture to a Padlet?

download this document for help:

colorful world how to .pdf colorful world how to .pdf
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